Who am I? Gaurav Thombre

Automotive Photographer in India – Over the last 16 years, Gaurav Thombre’s work — commercial, advertising, editorial — has stood out for its distinctive style and technique. Gaurav Thombre Productions, his eponymous company, which offers end-to-end, full-service photo and film production, has engaged with major automotive brands, advertising agencies, luxury real estate firms, interior design companies, and celebrity management agencies.

Specialized automotive photographer in India, GT’s work is informed and shaped by his travels, and he is as sought after for his stand-out photography and videography as for his professionalism. GT’s work rests on the two pillars of communication and observation, and his collaborative approach and track record of finishing projects on time and on a budget has led to an impressive roster of clients. Advertising photography in India includes Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW Motorrad, LensKart, Tata Motors, Bridgestone and Xiaomi, among others. His love of animals led GT to set up India’s first pet photography studio in 2010.

GT’s work has also enlivened the pages and websites of top automotive and fashion magazines in India. GT, who works with Autocar India, the country’s leading auto magazine as a photo editor, has also shot for Overdrive, Evo India, Fast Bikes, and Just Urbane magazine, among others.

Automotive Photographer in India, GT Productions is based in Pune and offers a fully integrated service, encompassing everything from retouching, post-production, and CGI management as well as animation.

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Gaurav Thombre Productions was founded in 2016 with an aim to bring ‘An exquisite eye for detail & to bring about the best for the subject.’ Our primary focus is in the creation of photos & motion to be used for advertising. We have a team of highly skilled aimed to deliver excellence through our years of expertise & knowledge. Gaurav Thombre Productions has a versatile clientele like Audi, BMW Motorrad, Mercedes-Benz, DSK Benelli, Bajaj, Porsche, Skoda, Lenskart and Xiaomi.

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